Movies As A Significant Role In The Entertainment Industry

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According to Barbra Dozier’s blog, movies play a significant role in the entertainment industry. They are appealing to the viewer’s eyes and ears because they combine both video and audio and they can be watched at home, in theatres, and thanks to the latest technology one can even watch movies on the go. Just like many individuals, I too spend my time watching movies as a form of entertainment. The latest one I watched and enjoyed was a comedy named The House. Although the movie may have had mediocre reviews, The House was still funny and enjoyable to watch. The plot and conflict revolve around two struggling parents who cannot afford to send their sure-to-succeed daughter to college after the town's scholarship program no longer had funding. As result the parents and a friend started an illegal underground casino in his domicile in order to make money before the time to pay their daughter's tuition came around. The rated R movie directed by Andrew Jay Cohen contains many well known actors such as Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Jason Mantzoukas.
Although there were well known actors the movie revolved around three. Will Ferrell an American actor and comedian known for playing the elf in Elf ,played the father Scott Johansen. Amy Poehler plays Kate Johansen the mother and wife in the movie. Known for her role in the sitcom Parks of Recreation, Poehler brings some of her comical characteristics to the movie making The House much more enjoyable to watch. Jason Mantzoukas,

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