Movies Such As The “Freedom Writers (Lagravenese, 2007)”

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Movies such as the “Freedom Writers (LaGravenese, 2007)” and “Precious Knowledge (Palos, 2011)” both support the central theme of discrimination and race within a school system. The students in both movies come from backgrounds experiencing poverty, gangs, and violence experiencing discrimination and the lack of support for their education, but overcome the stereotypes and battles to gain access to receiving their education at their fullest potential. Each movie involves students that were guided and supported by a teacher figure(s) to instill in the students that their education and success is just as important than any others. The battles that these students and teachers face throughout the movies, creates highs and lows displaying the…show more content…
Gruwells students began to see the classroom as a safe place, where they were able to express their creativity and show their love for their education. Erin Gruwell also faced challenges within the school system, most of the faculty did not believe that these students should be given books to read and other educational materials, but without any of the proper materials these students are unable to learn creating irony. Gruwell decided to take matters into her own hands and purchase the books on her own, buying Diary of Anne Frank for all her students. The majority of the class had never learned, or knew about the Holocaust, but during an exercise Gruwell did with her students, she learned that these students knew at least one person who passed away due to gang-violence. Gruwell became determined to change these students’ lives, and make education their main priority in life. The students became interested in learning more information about the Holocaust, and started the desire to continue to learn and receive an education. As the story continued you were able to learn that Erin Gruwells students were the first of many to graduate in their family, breaking down the barriers of stereotypes and discrimination. “Precious Knowledge (Palos, 2011)” is a documentary based in the Arizona public schools in 2011. “Precious Knowledge (Palos, 2011)” displays the battle over the fight for

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