Mr. Scott Gems, the One Teacher I Look up to and Trust

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In my whole school career there has only been one teacher who I thought was the best for me and to me, one teacher that I thought that I could always look up to and literally, he is a tall gentlemen. My teacher is Mr. Scott Gems from Warsaw High School of Warsaw, Missouri and he is who I appreciate the most for my school career. Mr. Gems was a tall and big man; he could intimidate if he wanted to but to students, he was just a big teddy bear. He listened to people and if they had problems, he would help the best he could. He would always find some way to make you laugh even during class, but not purposely, and he was just a fun guy to be around to talk to, he had more knowledge than just math. You could tell during our class he would bring something up relating to what we were doing in class to just show us other ways to understand what it was he was teaching and I really enjoyed that. He always had a glass ball on his desk and so being he was always messing with us he started to mess with his glass ball nothing mean of course but every once in a while we would take it and hide it and see how long it took to notice it was gone. So after a while he started to get wise and not even look and find it, soon we started to take it ourselves and hide it on us and it was fun him looking around and still could find it so after a while he got wise to that as well and so that came to an end but it was fun while it lasted.
Scott Gems is the teacher that I will have to thank the most

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