Ms. Pm 's Observation

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I was able to assess Ms. PM’s ADLs with an interview and also by observing the patient performed some ADLs during the time, I provided care. Ms. PM was able to perform ADLs that are fundamental for self-care. She was able to use the bathroom by herself and she did not have any problems with feeding. She was not able to accomplish a great number of activities because the Dr. had recommended to rest in order to avoid any further complications of her pseudo-aneurism on her left groin after the placement of a stent on the coronary artery. Before hospitalization, Ms. PM was able to perform the routine activities of every day without needing assistance. The client is expecting to regain the ability to perform her basic ALDs. She was able before …show more content…

I asked the patient if she had fallen before, but she said that she had never suffered from a fall. When the patient got up from bed to use the bathroom, she did it without difficulty or unsteadiness. She demonstrated some kind of discomfort at the time of standing due to pain however, she walked to the bathroom without assistance. After performing the test, I concluded that the Get Up and Go test was normal for this patient because no gait abnormalities were present.

In order to measure the shoulder function, I asked the patient to put both hands together behind her head. The patient performed the shoulder’s test without difficulty or limitations in mobility due to pain. I did not ask the patient to perform the test as indicated to avoid over stretching the abdominal area that was inflamed and red due to the pseudo-aneurism.
THE MODIFIED ROMBERG TEST As a nursing student, I decided to use my clinical judgment at the time of performing this test. I did not perform the test because I did not want to jeopardize the health of the patient. This test requires to walk with the feet together with the eyes open at the beginning and then with the eyes close. I thought that by doing this test, the patient could lose balance and fall which could have been detrimental to the health of the patient.
THE FUNCTIONAL REACH TEST According to my assessment, the patient could have performed this test, if she did not have the soreness of the hematoma on her

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