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This case is over ESPN and how they laid off over one hundred people to save money after projections showed that they had declining revenue. ESPN had lost over 10 million subscribers to their networks in the last three years, which lead to significant pay cut to ESPN. Subscriptions is where ESPN makes much of their revenue, which helped them pay for coverage rights to cover sports such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB on television. The decision was made by ESPN president John Skipper to keep the Disney investors hopeful that ESPN is doing whatever it takes to stay on top of their industry. One choice that ESPN could have made instead was to shut down the Longhorn Network, SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNU, and ESPN Classic. ESPN could have saved a …show more content…

John Skipper had to make a choice to fire some employees or to lose lots of money that could put the company at risk to fail down the future. Obviously, Skipper didn’t want to fire his employees, but if he didn’t, then he might be out of a job. Kant’s suggestion is that people should put the value of humans over the value of the company. So, in this case, Kant is suggesting that Skipper should have rather taken the financial loss and kept the employees because humans should be treated as an end and not as a mean. Skippers’ choice failed to treat the employees to an end, but succeeded in treating the Disney stockholders as an end. There really wasn’t a right answer for Skipper in this situation. Either he had to fire the employees, or Disney would have fired him and then found a replacement who would have fired the employees anyways. W.D. Ross states that a prima facie duty is a duty that is binding other things equal, that is, unless it is overridden or trumped by another duty or duties. Skipper had three categories to pick from, the special permissions, special relationships, or constraints category. I believe Skipper chose from the special permissions category and here is why. To satisfy the special relationship category, Skipper would have been required to put loved ones, employees, first before himself. Which ultimately

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