Much Ado About Nothing And The Taming Of The Shrew Analysis

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Much Ado About Nothing was scripted by William Shakespeare around 1598 to 1599, while The Taming of the Shrew was written earlier around 1590. They were both love romantic comedies, however it seems in his Much Ado About Nothing he figured out how to make it feel a lot smoother. In his first play the main relationship was between Kate and Petruchio. Kate was the shrew; she had a hot temper, was obnoxious, hateful, and liked slapped people around. She didn’t want to get married to just anyone she wanted to marry someone of her choice. Petruchio comes to Padua to wed a woman whose family is rich and that is it. Throughout the play Petruchio tries to domesticate her. He compared her to a wild animal that has to be tamed. Towards the end Kate

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