Multicultural Education : Issues And Perspectives

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Introduction It is to be said that each student comes into a classroom with a particular set of unique behaviors and characteristics that will contribute to their academic success. The article Multicultural education: Issues and perspectives by McGee Banks states, "Behavior is shaped by group norms ... the group equips individuals with the behavior patterns they need in order to adapt" (2005,13). Students will develop a cultural identity through the social groups he/she is involved in through race, social class, cultural capital etc. Through this research we will try to find what particularly enhances the academic success of a student. Researchers from various studies have determined that students vary in learning performance and academic achievement. One factor that was determined to affect academic achievement was ethnicity. The question we will be trying to answer is: Is a Student’s Ethnicity the only factor to affect success or failure in school? We will look at research from articles that will provide data on a student’s academic performance determined through ethnicity and other factors. These other factors include family, cultural capital, economic status, teachers, etc. By looking at studies done by other researchers we will try understanding if a student’s ethnicity or if other factors may contribute to how successful a student is in the classroom. Literature Review (outline) Gloria Ladson-Billings. “"stakes Is High": Educating New Century Students”. The
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