Multicultural Literacy

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Discussion When students finish middle school and move to high school, is when they are mostly likely to drop out of school. Students don’t see the point of continuing their education when most of the time they don’t understand or don’t relate to the information that is being presented to them. Most of the time students rather be out in the streets with their peers causing havoc, than being inside a classroom. Typically, this often occurs in urban areas where the school population usually consists of students with culturally diverse backgrounds. According to the textbook Content Area Reading and Writing (2008), students in inner-city schools finish assignments that involve reading or writing. The reason being that they often lack connection …show more content…

This will benefit all the students. They will be able to attain knowledge from each other that they otherwise wouldn’t be privy to. English language learners would benefit from these type of activities so much, because they would be able to interact with their classmates and acquire knowledge and putting their skills to practice. Nonetheless, without proper reading activities all of these would be a waste of time. Students need to know how to read, for them to be able to challenging assignments. In addition, teachers need to be able to identify what is the root of the problem when they see that their students are …show more content…

Students will be able to enjoy and understand the lessons, which it’s obvious they rarely do. We can’t afford to keep losing students because of a simple issue like this. If students have low reading proficiencies because they are dropping out of school, it will affect the communities and workplaces. Students won’t be able to be successful because, nowadays the majority average paying jobs require for their employees to be able to read, write and communicate effectively as well as to have a high school diploma. It’s imperative that preservice teachers are informed of the benefits multicultural education has. This type of curriculum could be what keeps culturally diverse students in school, or at least make it easier for them to

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