Multiculturalism In America Today

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As a young child growing up in the city of Los Angeles, I played, studied, and live in the same way as any other child in my neighborhood. Even though, most of the kids who played with me resemble similar human characteristics, I couldn’t help but wonder why their skin, hair, eyes, language, beliefs and way of life could be so different from mine or others. I remember asking my mother why our neighborhood had so many different people. She explained to me that we live in a county of multiculturalism. At the time I didn’t understand what it meant, but as I grew older and made friends with people who came from different cultural backgrounds I realized how amazing it is to live in a place where diverse cultures come to co-exist with one another. To best describe it in my own words, …show more content…

Those who see it in a positive way, see a mixture of different cultures coming together as one. As for those who see it in a negative way refuse; change, mixing, and feel there should only be one type of culture. In my opinion I can understand why many would oppose of multiculturalism, especially when it relates to education. One story can be told in so many ways by different cultures, for example, with Christopher Columbus. Growing up I learned that Columbus was a person of renaissance whose vision and daring changed history in a positive way. I remember learning about him and how he had his own calendar day. For others, he was a perpetrator of Native American genocide, and his voyage opened the door for black slavery. Today the debate in education is what is the right history to teach students, with so many different ethnic, racial or cultural it’s hard to make the right choice for students. In all I think multiculturalism can be both good and bad, but mostly good if we can respect cultural

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