Multiculturalism Is Becoming A Prevalent Issue Within Our Community

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Today in American society, "Multiculturalism" is becoming a prevalent issue within our community. This topic is now frequently discussed among our public officials and media as it directly affects education, employment, and our economy. Once considered by many as a controversial topic, many educators now consider it a vital part of their versatile curriculum. While many welcome multiculturalism in our community, others continue to oppose the differences in language, religion, and custom. In Hasia Diner 's essay, "Some problems with ‘Multiculturalism’: or 'The Best Laid Plan," she argues that multiculturalism is a very odd topic among our society and most people really don 't know what it is. There are common misconceptions that those who are intolerant or ignorant to multiculturalism are automatically racist. Although it is now being addressed in many schools and universities, I agree that not enough emphasis is being placed on equal rights and opportunities for all cultures. While many scholars agree Multiculturalism and diversity is vital for the long term survival of humanity, various skeptics argue that launching a new initiative to enhance awareness of lack of multiculturalism on our campuses is not going cure the problem. It begins with efforts from community leaders to enrich and educate families in poor neighborhoods to provide them with equal opportunities. Many also believe there is already an inundation of diversity among minorities in our schools. Our

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