Multiple Personality Disorder

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We’ve all experienced the feeling that we’ve moved into a different life, dissociation from reality, just mild like when we daydream, delve into a good book or become engrossed with a project. But then after that, we do still come back to reality. However, some people are diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder or the popular multiple personality disorder (MPD). This differ from mild dissociation that all of us commonly experience. People who have this live a fairly complicated life. Sadly, people who have this experience traumatic physical, sexual or emotional abuse during their childhood. MPD is a severed form of dissociation from reality in which it reflects a person’s extreme lack of connectivity to the world he is in…show more content…
When put under hypnosis, the personality that could emerge may be responsive to the therapist's requests. Underlying this somehow scary phenomenon, the person can be experiencing depression, mood swings, and suicidal tendencies. Accompanying this disorder, these persons can also have sleep disorders like insomnia or somnambulism. They may have anxiety disorders, alcoholism, and eating disorders as well. They often have hallucinations, both auditory and visual, which aggravate the situation. Even more alarming than the already frightening aspects of the disorder, some MPD patients even have a tendency to self-persecute, sabotage themselves and inflict on the their own bodies violence. They would also do what normal persons would not, like go into risky activities and commit crime because they feel like they are being compelled to do it. In a way, they truly believe that they have no other choice but to do it (WebMd). As a person without the disturbing disorder, I could only read about stuff and think whether MPD is real. But then, with so many accounts on people having multiple personality disorder, and then experts giving out their diagnosis whether they are still confused or not, I still believe there are people really with MPD. But then, we cannot discount the possibility that criminals can fake to have another personality and they are compelled to do the criminal act they did, right? I also cannot help but sympathize
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