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The detectives took the receipt and thanked her.
When Savannah’s other BBF, Jasmine was questioned, she said, “I took my mother out of town to a doctor’s appointment. We didn’t get back until after 6 o’clock and I stayed with her for the rest of the night. I had to give her a new medication and monitor her.”
There were a lot of names and relationships to keep up with, Coates and Chay collaborated and made sure to keep everything well organized. That day, everyone had cooperated, not even a hint of resistance was given, but that was then. The detectives didn’t expect things to continue going that way.
The two detectives sat in their car reviewing their notes that helped them plan their next move. The list of friends and family didn’t …show more content…

The victim’s name would stay fresh in their minds and their bodies etched in their brains. “Could be a stalker, but I got my bet on the boyfriend. I just don’t trust the guy. My blood is itching.” That meant his family had an instinct, a sense of who was guilty. Even before joining the force, his family would watch murder mysteries and always solve the crime before the show or movie ended.
Coates and Chay were back at the department after running into a wall with their leads. “I’m not saying to concentrate on the guy only, but we should not let up on him. He’s going to be our top suspect. I’m telling you,” Chay said.
“I get it, I get it. But we need to find out if his alibi holds up. Let’s start there. He claimed he was at work, let’s check it out.” Coates said.
Chay was sure Reno was the murderer, it was hard for him to see past him and consider anyone else. “We’ll need to get a subpoena to get access to any video footage at his job.”
“I’m on it.” Coates turned around to her computer and began typing.
Chay went over the information they’ve been given by those who knew Savannah. The detectives learned that the victim started her days at a local gym, she called her mother after leaving there and always clocked into work an hour before she was scheduled. She spent most of her evenings with friends and family or relaxing around her neatly kept

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