Muscular Dystrophy : The Different Types And The Problems Associated With Dystrophy

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What do you think of when you hear the word muscular dystrophy? Some people may have no idea as others may have firsthand experience dealing with this disease or having extensive knowledge on the subject. The purpose of this paper is to inform any healthcare professional, anyone taking care of someone with muscular dystrophy, or anyone interesting on being informed about Muscular dystrophy. This paper will provide an overview of muscular dystrophy as well as the different types and the problems associated with muscular dystrophy. Also, this paper will go into detail about what is being done in order to help patients that suffer from this disorder. Current individuals who have a lot of knowledge on muscular dystrophy will gain a better …show more content…

In adults with neuromuscular diseases their quality of life is very poor as they are significantly affected by severe fatigue, a disrupted mood, and severe pain. Most patients with muscular dystrophy do not make it to live more than 30 years old. According to Burgen, M., Stam, H., & Pangailia, R. F 3 doctors who conducted a study and wrote an article “prevalence of pain, fatigue and affective disorders in adults with muscular dystrophy” explain that in addition to the loss of motor functions, in some forms of muscular dystrophy it can affect the heart muscle causing severe heart problems (Burgen). Also, some muscular dystrophy patients suffer from breathing problems as muscles are used to help aid with breathing. Some patients experience a weakness in the swallowing muscle causing it hard to eat and require support to get the proper nutrients. Many patients develop orthopedic problems such as curvatures in the spine or muscle contractions which require surgery to correct. The life of patients with muscular dystrophy is very challenging and simple daily task that people take for granted are very difficult for people that suffer from muscular dystrophy. Patients with muscular dystrophy are constantly in severe pain, experience severe decreased mobility, and have overall weak muscle function.

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