Museum Report At Los Angeles County Museum Of Art

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Museum Report After visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), I felt as if this was an entire new experience for me, seeing that this was my first time to visit a museum. Before entering the museum, I decided to analyze the front entrance of the Ahmanson building. What I observed is that the inventor of the building kept it simple and precise, which there were red metal bars that supported the front entrance. And there was a glass door incorporated into the entrance as well, this glass door would consist of information of what type of art is inside. For example, modern art, Islamic art, European art, and so on. As I went inside, I was welcomed with an enormous piece of art that encompassed several geometric shapes. Likewise, this art piece could be studied from multiple perspectives, from the first floor and second floor. As for the work of arts, most of the art was displayed on white walls, it should be noted that the walls were beginning to become dirty. One last thing about the interior of the building is that I appreciated the atmosphere, since there was sufficient space to observe the art from different viewpoints. That being said, I will now go on and discuss about the piece of art that spoke to me (not literally). The piece of art that spoke to me was called “The Liberator,” in 1947, created by Rene Magritte. Oil and canvas were the foundation that was utilized by Magritte, leading to the formation of his painting. One of the main reasons why this piece

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