Music : An Explosive Expression Of Humanity

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Billy Joel once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It 's an explosive expression of humanity. It 's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we 're from, everyone loves music.” In many ways this quote is very accurate both socially and scientifically. Music is a vital part of almost every culture and serves many purposes culturally as a means of self expression and communication within a culture and the world at large. While music does serve several external purposes, perhaps its most important and fascinating functions happen within the brain when its making or listening to music. Over the years there have been countless studies on music 's effect on the human brain and body and many have concluded that music positively affects the brain by doing things like relieving stress and improving cognitive function, and the body as well, by relieving pain and muscular and cardio vascular tension. Music is an important part of the human experience and affects our brain, bodies and emotions in both abstract and physical ways, making it vital to many facets our well being. We all know that almost everyone enjoys music both in an individual sense and culturally as a whole, but why do we find music so much more pleasurable than other kinds of noise? Well, from a neurological standpoint, our enjoyment of music has a lot to do with how it is tailored to human’s ears and how it reflects quality evolution as taught us to pay attention to. First of all music,

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