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Beyond the Patient
Music being used to heal truly goes beyond just the patient. Music is capable of not only healing that patient, but also the families, staff, and artist. Families that have ill infants are often spending countless hours at the hospital. Even though that situation is never ideal for any family, they try to spend as much time with their little bundle of joy to let them know they are loved. As said prior, the hospital setting in itself is a stressor but not only for the patients, it is a stressor for all those who visit as well. The families of these infants “are at risk of experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms during and after” their infant’s hospitalization stated by Ettenberger (2017).
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Stransky will often hold an event each month based on a certain type of audience each month, for example, on October 13th, he held an event for the families of the NICU. Stransky thoroughly enjoys performing not only for his attendees, but he also gains inspiration with each event. There are a core group of patients that show up at his events from month to month. Stransky likes to feed off this group on what songs they like and why as a way to inspire him to continue writing pieces. This outlet of music has helped Stransky to continue his career in healthcare. After dealing with very sick patients, Stransky found himself contemplating his ability to do his job without feeling emotionally drained. Instead of a change in career path, Stransky turned to his keyboard and wrote the song, “Peaceful Heart.” After writing this piece, Stransky felt “more centered and more compassionate,” when it came to working with these sick patients. After interviewing Stransky, it is clear at the dedication he holds to help the patients he has heal through music. Along with the events, Stransky has heavily incorporated music therapy into his physical therapy appointments with patients. A powerful story told by Stransky, is based on a patient who was learning how to walk again. Stransky played the song, “Walk this Way,” by Aerosmith to motivate the patient. This
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