Music During the Vietnam War Essay

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In the nineteen sixties almost half of the American population were young adults. Because of this, the sixties were an age of youth and there was a generation gap that America had never seen before. Many of the baby boomers were at risk of being drafted into the Vietnam War. This war brought on revolutionary and innovative ways of thinking. The young people of this decade wanted change and this brought a huge difference in culture from the conservative fifties. Inspiration for many of the songs and lyrics of the time came from the Vietnam War. The war caused many people to protest and speak out about it. The main genres people used to show their attitudes about the current war were folk and rock.
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The Folk music scene was often connected with the hippy movement because of its calming and peace promoting disposition. Many of the songs were about dodging the draft, wanting peace, and the power of the people. This music brought people together in an anti-violent way. Folk music was huge in New York throughout the sixties and later moved to Los Angeles. People filled the seats of cafes and lounges listening and singing along to the folk singers. “. . . folk musicians addressed contemporary issues facing college students, notably civil rights and, later, the Vietnam War” (American Decades).
Bob Dylan was a pioneer of the antiwar movement. He opened a new section of music and inspired millions. Although he wasn’t the best singer in the traditional sense, his lyrics were what moved people. For example in “Man on the Street”, Bob Dylan tells of the human suffering that is caused by human cruelty. “Dylan's lyrics were not so much a form of entertainment, but created to get the public aware of what was going on in the world. Bob Dylan's imagination and energy with words is what made him famous” (Jake Rae).
By the time she was 22 Joan Baez was a well-known folk singer. She sang in concert halls, college campuses, and in foreign countries on tour. She never had the need to take voice lessons to improve her voice because it already reached over three octaves. The Vietnam War had a huge influence on her music and many others joined her

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