Music Has Its Own History

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Like the history of human beings, music also has its own history. From ballad opera to the present, music has significantly evolved. Without the constant improvements, popular music nowadays would not be where it is at. One of its main influences is from the eighties. The eighties is known as the rock era. It is different than other eras because of its new sounds and rhythms. Thanks to digital technology, it was easier to make both the replication of existing timbres and the creation of new timbres. Also, the eighties introduced three new rhythms: the rock beat derived from punk, the adaptations of the afterbeat rhythms of reggae, and the sixteen-beat rhythms. These three rhythms were widely used in almost every song in the eighties.
Along with new sounds and rhythms, musical styles have also changed. The primary musical styles of the eighties are pop, rhythm and blues, and rock. Each musical style has its own stars. For pop music, the primary artists were Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna. For rhythm and blues music, the stars were Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner. For rock music, the most well-known artists were Bruce Springsteen and U2.
John Hopson, a drummer from a band called “Fastidious Ape”, loves to listen to rock music due to its irresistible drumming patterns. Stewart Copeland, the drummer of The Police, is his inspiration. The biggest reason why he admires Copeland is because of his distinctive drumming styles. He stated that “on many of The

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