Music Influences On The Brain

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The power of music is inevitable. It is a driving force that fuels society and can affect the emotions and thought processes of its listeners. The tones, rhythms, beats, and melodies of various musical genres has harvested Earth for years. From the Medieval Era to the Romantic Era and the 21th century, musical genres continue to evolve with time and leave everlasting impacts. Music possesses the ability to create a strong emotional and developmental influence on people, which in turn causes their behaviors and emotions to either be intensified or replicated; thus, music genres impact how the brain functions. Research has unraveled various ways music affects the operation of the brain and to what extent. Music can affect the cognitive …show more content…

Dr. Bales’ article, “The Role of Music,” explains that babies are born with billions of brain cells called neutrons that form connections with other neutrons to enhance the bodies functioning and thought processes, and listening to music helps strength those connections and stimulate different operations of the brain. “The Role of Music” goes on to suggest that musical genres such as classical music is connected to the area of the brain that deals with spatial reasoning; thus, after listening to a classical song, task that involve spatial thinking such as jigsaw and crossword puzzles become periodically easier to complete (Bale, Diane). However, Dr. Bales’ article studies continue to reveal that if a musical skill, like playing the piano, is nurtured for at least six months the ability to solve puzzles and other spatial task increases by thirty percent. It is important to expose babies to music at an early age to increase their chances of positive, cognitive growth to occur. In the development of a new life, with a new mind, music creates new pathways in the brain that stimulate various functions and functioning. An individual’s emotional state and behaviors can easily be affected by the music genres the person listens to. Most people tend to notice that if they are depressed or lonely the deep, slow rhythm of a rhythm and blues song paired with passionate vocals from the artist can intensify their somber

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