Music Videos : The Video, You And I, By F. N. B Pop Music

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By the same token, visually stunning music videos also captured fans from across the globe. Korean pop music is known for having sophisticated and visually stimulating music videos. “K-pop musical content includes not only audio aspects but also visuals that flow” (KOCIS: K-pop 44-45). Entertainment companies spend thousands of dollars in producing a music video with intricate concept themes, computer-generated (CG) effects, and colorful background. Watching K-pop music videos is like watching a drama series with plots twists, cliffhangers, and open-ended stories that stimulate audience’s creativity in forming theories about the ending of the video. For example, the music video of IU’s (K-pop solo artist under Loent Entertainment) “You and I” is “a fantasy romance that transcends time and space” (MTVK). The story of the video revolves around the female protagonist building a time machine for unknown reasons, which leaves the narrative open-ended, which induces fans to speculate theories about the ending of the story. Formulating an extraordinary storyline to blend with any song is one of the most ideal and sensible ways to generate a remarkable and noteworthy music video. Some music videos have storylines that are indeed surprising in bringing out certain sentiments and emotions, while some music videos focus on the visuals that are flashy, colorful and give out a “wow” factor. For example, the song “Comeback Home” by 2NE1 (under YG Entertainment) is known for having

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