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Girl Crazy (#14)

The musical “Girl Crazy” was about a boy named Danny Churchill who lived in New York. His dad was worried about his way with women so he sent him to Custerville, AZ to get him away from them. Danny was to live on the family dude ranch called “The Buzzards.”
On his way to AZ, Danny rode in a taxi. The driver’s name was Gieber Goldfarb. He was known for his very bad Yiddish jokes. He eventually fell in love with a woman named Patsy West, who was also a nosey telephone operator.
After Danny gets to Custerville, he meets the post-girl named Molly Grey. He was in love with her, although he had just left his old girlfriend in New York. …show more content…

She got the French Ambassador involved in the situation. He was upset because she was related to someone who was related to someone that had once had a lot of power in France.
At the end of the story, Wintergreen’s life was over, and he was sitting in front of the Supreme Court Judges when Mary came in and announced that she was pregnant. John got off easy, because of his pregnant wife. She ended up having twins and Diana ends up with Throttlebottom.

Holly Conant
Porgy and Bess (#20)
The story of “Porgy and Bess” was a very unique work. It involved an all black cast, which wasn’t very popular in 1935. Act I began in a place called Catfish Row. There are many people about, the men playing dice and the women watching. There is a woman named Clara, who is singing to her baby. Many men are sitting around the “bones” including Mingo, Jake (Clara’s husband), Sporting Life (a drug dealer), and Robbins.
A little while into scene one, Porgy enters. Porgy is a crippled beggar. Soon after Porgy enters, two people named Crown and Bess enter. Crown is a very large man that most people are scared of. Bess is “his girl.” The women don’t seem to like Bess very much. She is portrayed as a slut and an addict.
A little later Robbins gets into a fight with Crown. Robbins ends up dying, leaving his wife Serena, weeping over his body. Crown would

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