Mutli-Agent Based Modeling

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Multi Agent System/Agent Based Modeling

Multi-agent systems are among the methods used for modeling and simulating Natural Disaster emergencies. The terminology of Agent Based System tends to be used more often in the sciences and Multi Agent System in engineering and technology. The Agent Based System is gradually replacing the micro-simulation techniques and object-oriented simulation. Agent Based System has ability to capture different dynamic models which usually consist of simple entities or more complex entities. We have proposed a specific agent-based methodological framework allowing, from modeling to simulation, the production of observables at different levels of details related to a Natural Disaster organization.

A Multi Agent System can model the behavior of a set of entities. Agents have a degree of autonomy and are immersed in an environment in which and with which they interact. Modelers can use Multi Agent System to create computer representations of dynamic events such as Natural Disaster emergency. Therefore, the application of Multi Agent System in this area could help managers to experiment all possible scenarios of a disaster and assist them in making decisions.

A multi-agent based system is a powerful modeling technique for simulating individual interactions in a dynamic system and is distinctive in its ability to simulate situations with unpredictable behavior

Earlier researches have focused on modeling of the rescue during Natural Disasters, but

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