My Aspiration For The Health Field

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My aspiration to work in the health field comes from many different experiences in my life. As an only child and being a descendant to Haitian parents who came to this country to make a better living for themselves, I understand I am the first to further my education. Knowing I have opportunities that my parents did not have, I am dedicated and will do all that it takes to follow my dreams to become a great PA. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, volunteering and becoming a certified nursing assistant grew my enthusiasm; I know it’s the right profession for me. I would love to be part of a team working with other health professionals, providing patients with health information and counseling in an environment that appreciates diversity and supports minorities.
My desire to work in the health field began when I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy as a teenager. I know it is not a life threatening condition. However, when I was diagnosed I did not know what was happening. My doctor could not give me a definite answer as to why half of my face was suddenly paralyzed. That time period was the most stressful and disheartening time of my life. I felt even embarrassed to laugh or smile in front of my friends. I remember one day when I went for check-ups on my condition, I felt normal again as one of the PAs described how she went through the same experience with Bell’s palsy as a young adult in Jamaica.
The same experience I had with that PA is the same experience I

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