My Autobiography On Mathematics : I Do Not Think Am Good Or Bad

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My Autobiography in Mathematics I do not think am good or bad in mathematics. I usually fight hard in some areas, however it becomes very easy for me once I get the concept. I do struggle much to ensure that I work out my assignments, tests and other class works. I try my best to finish my math work accurately and am looking forward that I retain the spirit till I finish school. Once a new topic is introduced to class, I normally struggle to understand the concept in the first days of the teaching. This enables me to easily complete different worksheets involving that topic. The problem arises when examination or contests come along. I abruptly found myself blank- I just forgot everything. My big challenge was in vectors. Vectors really…show more content…
Mathematics widens the mind to think critically. It is more than measuring, counting and computing. It opens up other subjects- sciences. As far as Mathematics teaching is concerned, the major goal is the involvement of the students in the practice of realizing mathematical ideas and framing process. One of the encouraging worries about learning Mathematics is the point that it opens up the mind to solve problems that require radical order rational skills. These complications and puzzles provoked the curiosity and challenge the inventiveness of individuals. Giving problem solving into the class improves students’ skills and their ability to reason prudently, rationally and creatively. Hugar criticizes the things we might consider about a mathematics class are processes, equations, and word problems, of which learning them, a student has to master to solve problem. Therefore, in the last decades there has been a move to approach the teaching of mathematics through solving of problem. In this paper, I have written my autobiography on mathematics. Literature Review Krulik states that a problem is situation, quantifiable or else that challenges a person or groups of people, which needs determination, and for which the individual sees no seeming path to the solution. There are many definitions put forward by experts. Essentially these definitions have the same meaning while the variances lie only on the ways they formulate them. We have two definitions here;
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