My Behaviors And The Aspects Of My Life That Have Influenced Those Behaviors

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Throughout this semester, I have had the opportunity to analyze my behaviors and the aspects of my life that have influenced those behaviors. There were several events that happened this semester that enabled me focus on myself. The break up with my ex-boyfriend allowed me to focus on myself and cope with my past experiences. I also was able to work on my self-confidence and find a small level of comfort talking in front of people. One major event that happened this semester, was the breaking up with my ex-boyfriend. I have not dated anyone in a few years, prior to dating him, so dating someone was a big step. I have trouble trusting other people, since most people end up leaving. The lack of emotional attachment has been a defense mechanism. My mother stopped talking or having any contact with me after my father was granted custody. I lost the connection with my grandparents and that side of the family after moving out of state. Trusting another person to not leave and trusting what they say was an extremely difficult task for me. I began dating my boyfriend and everything was fine for the first couple of months, but after we both started to get busy, things became difficult. We both worked and were going to school, so there was not much free time for us to spend time together. We also never really got to know each other, we jumped head first into a relationship. During this time, I started having panic attacks again with any physical contact. Anything that was not
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