My Best Friend And My Boyfriend

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In the first part of the third realm, the workbook asked us students about our favorite things in our lives. For me I couldn’t really chose between my best friend and my boyfriend. In some cases I believe my boyfriend would be my favorite person, because he knows so much about me, we are with each other often, have a good time together, and share many experiences with one another. I also believe my boyfriend would have a greater advantage over my best friend, because eventually a person falls in love and their significant other becomes their best friend and their lover. My boyfriend makes me feel special, because I haven’t had the greatest experiences with past boyfriends. He is loving, caring, understanding, and we usually have a fun time together. He’s also special to me, because he’s a great support system to me. He’s helping me realize I don’t need to let others opinions about me reflect how I feel about myself. He’s also a great help with getting on me about taking better care of myself. I think he definitely knows the same information as I do about him. We have been together for a little over three years and we share many things together. The amount of information I got from him was just right. Like I mentioned above, we share many things together, personal to less personal so there isn’t much of a shock. In the empathy section if someone came to me and asked “what happened” or gave me a personal experience they have in countered themselves I would be
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