My Best Friend Who Is It 's A Good, Challenging, Or Difficult One?

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Everyone has a story, whether it 's a good, challenging, or difficult one. Way back in 2001, on March 2nd that’s when my story started. I’m going to speed things up to like preschool. Ever since I was little I hated going to school, I would cry everyday so that I could stay home. I went to a private catholic school and trust me it was the worst. My parents would never let me stay home. I would have to go everyday, even if I didn 't want to. Every Time I cried they would call my brother or my cousin down to come and talk to me. I hated it even though all we did was arts and crafts, counting, abc’s, listen to stories, eat, play, and nap. Man what I would do to go back in time and enjoy those days! When I was four years old, I had a best…show more content…
Till Alena moved back to Bermuda for her dad 's job when I was 7. That never stopped us from being friends, she always came back to visit and we would always have our play dates. Now Katie is still my best friend, and hasn 't moved, which is great because back than I thought I was unlucky because my best friends kept moving.

Now let 's fast forward to 4th grade… I was now 9 years old and remember Ashley? My #1 best friend who was with me since day 1? Yeah well now is what I explain what happened. She had an older brother and so do I. They were the bestest friends ever. No one could ever separate these two. TIll on October 16th 2010, When Filipe (Ashley 's Brother) died. Filipe was like a brother to me, and now he 's gone. Felipe, Nick (my brother), and a couple of other friends went out to a night club.
“ Reciting the state 's facts in the case, Weiss said Blanks had been drinking with friends in South Norwalk until early in the morning of Oct. 16, 2010. She was driving home to Stamford while Chagas, 19, a college student from Bethel and Silva, 21, a Stamford resident and Greenwich High School graduate, were changing a tire on I-95 southbound between exits 11 and 10.
“At 2:26am Blanks drove by and hit the two with her black Lincoln Navigator, dragging Silva about 170 feet down the highway and slamming Chagas under the car he was working on.Weiss said Blanks pulled over on the highway four-tenths of a mile
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