My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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The film My Big Fat Greek Wedding takes place in a Chicago Greek Community background where Toula Portokalosa and her family live comfortably. Toula’s father, Gus, is only interested in regards to seeing his daughter get engaged to a man with Greek background (Hanks & Zwick, 2002). On the other hand, Toula, who is 30 years old, is increasingly becoming concerned about her age and thinks that she may be time barred as far as getting a marriage partner is concerned. For this reason, she is willing and ready to be married to anyone regardless of his race, religion, or ethnicity. The importance of this setting is that it shows the cultural challenges that especially the immigrant families in America experience. While the parents may retain their cultural values when they migrate to America, children are born and bred in America and so for the children, the American culture is what they may know. Due to the differences between children and their parents, conflicts of values often arise.
The problem
After Toula convinces her father Gus and brother Nick to go to college, she starts to work in her aunt 's travel agency. While working for the agency, she ends up meeting Ian, who is a teacher, and they fall in love (Hanks & Zwick, 2002). Ian goes faster and makes a marriage proposal to which Toula readily accepts. However, the problem comes in because Ian is a non-Greek person and Toula’s father does not want any boy outside the Greek community to marry his daughter. Put differently,

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