My Business Experience From My Family

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The majority of my business experience originated from my family. My parents own a business, so growing up, I was constantly surrounded by the logistics of running a company. One day, I asked my father a question about our company’s prices and revenue. I expected an answer of two numbers: one for price and the other for revenue. But, he quickly responded with a bombardment of spreadsheets stored with company data. I quickly realized that running a business is much more challenging than I thought. As I learned about my father’s management techniques, I fell in love with the fact that there aren 't any set guidelines to create a successful business. Sure, there are certain economic principles to follow, but businesses need to add their own …show more content…

In regards to the layout of the website, I wanted the website to be easily navigable to avoid frustrating any customers. Underneath the banner at the top of the website, I created tabs that, once clicked, would lead the customer to a certain page of information. For example, the “About Us” tab would lead to information on the history of the company. For the information on each page, I did not want the customer to feel overwhelmed, so I simplified the information into bullet points and short paragraphs and highlighted important phrases in light blue to make key pieces of information stand out.
Not only did my website benefit the family business, but it also introduced me to ideas behind marketing. A website is more than just accessible information, it is the face of the company, so it is vital that it looks good. Everything on a website, from logos to text fonts, should appeal to the audience you are trying to capture. Our original website appealed to the audience in the early 2000’s when websites were more basic and bland. My website, however, creates a more energetic and vibrant environment, which appeals to the modern consumer.
While my family’s company gave me a strong background in business management and marketing, I also learned many lessons about the trading through my parents and their involvement in the stock market. As I overheard their conversations about their portfolios and returns, I wanted to

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