Visual Design of Build-To-Order Tablet PC Website

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Visual Design for Build-To-Order Tablet PC Website 5 Visual Design 5.1 Layout Grids The primary role of visual design on any website is to enable more accuracy of communication and collaboration with prospective customers, and to give visitors an immediate impression of the company. The best visual designs of websites create a high level of trust that is earned by showing clearly and with precision what a company's core business is (Ganguly, Dash, Cyr, Head, 2010). Interactivity is also a critical component of a successful website design, as is humor (Gao, 2011). Visitors to a website need to also see there is an active community of customers who engage with and endorse the brand as well (Brengman, Karimov, 2012). All of these elements need to be combined in the successful development of a website design. The following is a proposed layout grid for the website. Another prospective layout grid is shown here as well: 5.2 Design Sketches The fundamental differentiator of any successful website designed for e-commerce is the design the on-site buying experience (Ganguly, Dash, Cyr, Head, 2010). A website dedicated to the sales of a tablet PCs needs to have a very clear navigational scheme and the ability to guide prospects from validation of the product concepts to considering a trial purchase of a given device. This can be accomplished through the use of interactivity and guided selling applications online (Gao, 2011). The following design sketches look to bring

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