My Business Ideas Of Yoko Suzuki

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Three people whom I talked to about my business ideas this week This week, I spoke with three different people who are interested in my business ideas. These people are Yoko Suzuki who is my friend in Tokyo, Dr. Ikuho Amano who is an associate professor of Modern Languages and Literatures at UNL, and Dr. Debra Wesselman of The Attached Trauma Center of Nebraska. The following are the details: Yoko Suzuki: Yoko loves to make soap at home. Her dream is to start her own soap making business, but she is not sure where to start. I asked her, “There’s a lot of soap out there. How are you going be different?” She looked embarrassed and could not answer me, because she knows there is a lot of handmade soap in the U.S. market. To find her own niche markets, I encouraged her to look into wedding favors, personalized soaps, organic, and novelty soaps. Once she decides her niche, she can begin to develop her specific soaps and source ingredients, packaging, and labels. I added, “You may want to test your products before launching them.” Then, I explained the marketing plan including advertisement about how retail shows where her particular clients shop. She liked my idea and wanted to hear more about it. Dr. Ikuho Amano: Ikuho is a professor at UNL, but she is interested in doing her own business during the summer break this year. She was curious if I would have any thought on this. I told her that the workshop of Leadership and Communication Skills for Japanese business people

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