The Lesson Plan On The United States Civil War

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This lesson plan has been designed for an eleventh grade social studies class with the content of the lesson plan focusing on the United States Civil War. The reason I chose to create this specific lesson place was because I eventually want to be a social studies teacher in a high school. The lesson plan has been constructed in a way that allows for the teacher to present the information students are required to know with individual and group work, for a diverse learning experience. In order to create the lesson plan, the objectives had to be planned first. As per the requirements for the course, I based my learning objectives off of Bloom’s taxonomy with my learning objectives falling under the categories of remembering, understanding, evaluating and creating. These four levels created well-structured teaching and learning process. These four learning objectives were also chosen because they fulfill the curriculum requirements for social studies lesson plans according to the National Council for the Social Studies. This organizations describes in their document that it is the job of teacher to help students understand the events of the past, present, and future in a way that follows the events of history. It is the teacher’s job to guide the learner in understanding the material as well as a analyzing it and asking their own questions. For high school level classes it is suggested the teacher create an environment that allows students to learn through multiple forms of…

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