My Career Path For A Teacher

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On October 21, 2015 my cooperating teacher mocked me in front of my class. You see I was the student teacher in a second grade classroom at Charles Olbon Elementary School. After class I went home, locked myself in my bedroom and I started pondering my future and my career path. I thought I would not be a good teacher, why did I choose this career path? I choose this path because my friends and family saw me a teacher, but I guess they do not know the real me. In 2003 at the age of ten years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My father saw me down at the kitchen table and strongly advised me to go into an “easy” profession. He instructed me to become a teacher, therefore I mindlessly agreed to his requests. Then when I entered college, I did not enjoy the teaching classes and I told my friends, family, and fellow teachers. However everyone told me the similar line: “you will make a great teacher, you’re just nervous cause you’re almost graduating, just stick it out and get your degree.” I listened to others while ignoring my inner voice and passion. Now fast forward to October 23-25th I ended up skipping student teaching to go into the city for Robert McKee’s Story and Storynomics seminar class. I consider myself a happy go lucky person who is a positive thinker and dreamer however on this particular day when my mom dropped me off at the bus station I was in a depressed state of mind. The night before I stayed in my bed didn’t eat dinner, and I just cried

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