My Class Reflection

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What would I have done if I knew then what I know now? This is a common question that most may ask themselves throughout the course of life. So much can happen or take place in such a short amount of time. For me I use time as a tool allowing me to keep an open mind and learn through experience. I have learned that there are many valuable lessons to be learned over time. This has struck my curiosity. At times I can’t wait to learn something new and it makes me extremely anxious to acquire wisdom in the future. Although I feel like I can’t wait to learn new things, I think I’ve lost sight of what is truly important. I think the most valuable lesson is learned through the course of this semester is to cherish the time you have and live in the moment. This class has opened my views, taught me how to express my feelings through writing, but most important of all to not judge off opinions of others.

I entered this class with an arrogant attitude. Although I feel like I’m doing fairly well in class, I thought I was going to breeze through the class with little to no challenges. I was on top of the world and had no worries. I actually remember thinking this was going to be one of my simpler classes. School has always been a repetitive cycle of just doing what I was told and completing tasks before I later forgot everything I learned. I haven’t lived the most pleasant life due to many tragedies, but I was at a comfortable point where I couldn’t complain about anything. Then I was

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