What I Learned From My Coat Of Arms

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In my Coat of Arms, I revealed many things about myself. In the first box in the center, I drew something that I will never give up. In my opinion family and God are the most valuable thing a person could have and this applies to me. I would never trade God and Family for anything else because they shaped who I am. Ever since I was born, my parents have been sacrificing their own interests for mine. They provided me with everything that I need and some things that I want. They decided to invest in my future by letting me go to SM when instead, I could attend a public High School. In my picture, I drew my family with my parents and my sister. I put a Circle around my family symbolizing God watching over us. The color I used for this box and many other boxes is blue because it’s one of my favorite colors and it’s not invasive enough to cover up my message. In my second box, I drew something that I think represents an important lesson I learned from people. Before this school year, I didn’t really pay attention to the balance with things and people. I usually focused on the result that I want to achieve but not the process with other people. After meeting kids from all around the world in a summer camp, I found out that balance with others is more important than the result. Through the friend I met, I learned the importance of keeping a balance with people around you. I think a Yin-Yang best symbolizes the lesson I learned showing the seeking of balance and moderation. As

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