My College English Class and What I learned

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The course definitely changed the way I approached writing a paper. One day in lecture you quoted Ernest Hemmingway saying, “The first draft of anything is shit.” This changed the way I approached and wrote papers. I used to start papers the night before, barely look over them and making few changes. This course encouraged me to outline, write a rough draft and constantly review then finalization the paper. Peer review before this class I though was pointless because most student hardly pay attention to the paper and usually wrote “good job.” The students in the class actually read my paper and gave honest feedback and ways to improve it. Also to have a teacher read your draft and give feedback with what is wrong and ways to help the quality of the paper helped greatly. This English class was definitely different than high school English.
College English class was very different than high school English class. In high school there was not much emphasis on proper headings and titles. If we had correct name, date and title, the teacher would not care about the parts such as page number and margins. In high school we read more books but mainly paid attention to the sequence of events and put pieces of the story together and not go into detail about tone, point of view or persuasion in the book. High school papers were around 2-3 pages, but in college most of them are 6 or longer. Citing after a sentence is much more stressed in college and plagiarism is taken much more

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