My College Experience

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For many, college is a time of self-discovery. It is a time where many find their calling in life, their spouse, their passion, or their student debt. Some may go so far as to call it the best time of their lives. While there is potential for me to eventually look back on my time at the University of Arizona with similar fondness, for now, I have more pressing issues than finding my soulmate, like finding my next classroom along with many other stressful situations. So far in my limited college experience, the major stressors in my life are religion, academics, and social interactions; however, there are several ways I have found to manage these situations. This year more than any other, I have been having difficulty fitting my religion into my ever intensifying schedule. I was raised in a highly religious, Mormon background. While my parents were firm believers of the Mormon faith, they pushed us to make our own decisions in regards to religion. After a faith-shaking senior year of high school, I came to know for myself that the Mormon church, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, is true, and this renewed my determination to put God first in my life. Little did I know how great of a challenge this would be with the Mormons’ weekly three-hour long meetings and two hour-long classes, not to mention the expectations to read from the scriptures and to pray daily. I realize that from an outside perspective, these reservations could sound a whole lot like

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