My College Writing Class

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When I first entered College Writing II, I was a bit nervous. This is because I had not taken an English class in over seven years. All I could think about was writing and how terrible I am in grammar. Throughout this class my perception of College Writing II has changed. I think I have improved tremendously in my organization of writing and with my grammar. This class has helped me to understand when I am writing a paper, I don’t just jump into it. I need a thesis, an argument, ideas and evidence to support the argument and a conclusion. This skill that I have picked up will help me while perusing my social work degree. In the field of social work you are required to write many reports that are read by others. Therefore your writing must be clear and free of errors. I feel that I am well prepared to take on those task due to the skills that I have learned throughout this class.
My first writing assignment in this class, was not as bad as I
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As I stated before I have been out of school for over 7 years, so entering into a College Writing II class I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise this class was very interesting. I really enjoyed learning about genetic manipulation and the different views people have on its usage. The movies that were a part of the course were some that I would have never thought to watch, but what was interesting how all the concepts of the movie would relate to a point of view that was discussed in the readings. I think because I understood the movies, the readings, and assignments were always well explained, when it came time to complete an assignment I would give it my all. As far as class participation I feel as though I was very expressive as to my intake on the reading assignments, movies, and assigned homework. I not one to always speak out, but this class and the topics that were discussed made it easy to express how you felt about something and why you felt that
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