My Communication Skills Of My Life And How They Have Been Developed Essay

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Being able to communicate is a great skill that one can practice every day of our lives. There are several ways or types of communication skills I have learned in this course such as vocally, written, visually, or non-verbally. In this assignment, I am going to write about my communication skills in three periods of my life and how they have been developed. First, I would like to talk about how I was when I was a little. When I was about five or six years’ old, I was spoiled between my family just like most of the other kids. However, outside my house I can describe myself as a shy and quiet girl that I sometimes in school I have been bullied by other students. When I was five years old my dad enrolled me and my half-brother who is as my age in a kindergarten school. I was always with my brother and I felt safe around him, but when we become at the seventh age, my dad couldn’t have enrolled us in the same school because he was told that I was born at the last days of November and they would accept me in the school with the next generation. Therefore, my dad decided that I am going to a private school so that I can be with my generation.
At the first day of school I was afraid to be alone without having my brother around me. I just hated that school because I was just by myself, and my classmates were not nice to me at all. The boys and some girls were very mean and like to be bullying for example, they always take my stuff and refused to return them back when I ask them to,

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