My Cultural Identity

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Cultural identity

When you hear cultural identity you like what is that what's so special about culture identity. Cultural identity is who you are what makes you special. My culture is where I’m from, language , music , food, and sports. I think that every culture is special in its own way, this shows us how we are different, and maybe it shows how we might be a like. My cultural identity is really important and shows who I am and what makes me , me .
We all come from different places I’m from a small country named Guatemala. Guatemala is located in Central America which is a beautiful place to visit but it can be dangerous too. I lived in Guatemala for eight and a half years then I moved to Louisiana. Moving to Louisiana change the way that I lived. Everything was weird to me but somehow I feel like I belong here. So for the most part I didn't feel that big of a difference moving from Guatemala to Louisiana. I never thought the Guatemala en Luisiana what's a like. Now I have a both cultures in me half of Guatemala in half Louisiana culture. Language plays a big role in my culture. Language can tell a lot about you. My original language was speaking Spanish. I grew up speaking, writing and reading Spanish which wasn't that difficult to do. After moving to Louisiana I had to learn new language which is English it took me about a year and a half to learn read write and speak English correctly. This means that I am bilingual. Sometimes it can be difficult the reason why

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