My Cultural Values

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In all cultures and backgrounds there are cultural roots that have or should be explored. In this paper I will be exploring my own cultural roots. I will be discussing the cultures that influenced the values and beliefs I have on family child raising and education.
Growing up wasn’t easy for me as I was raised in a single family household with my brothers and sisters in the rough area of the Bronx. My grandmother raised me but I was able to visit my mother on weekends. As time passed I developed a healthy relationship with my mother and got the opportunity to experience the living conditions as well as the circumstances of both my grandmother and mother. I’ve never gotten a chance to meet my father nor did I have any male or father figures in my life. Majority of the positive role models in my life are women in which I’ve learned and gained so much knowledge from, I appreciate their strength and wisdom because they haven’t guided me wrong. I come from a low income class family where we lived in section 8 public housing, and survived on public assistance.
Even though my grandmother didn’t complete her education, she always understood pursuing an education was important and completing it would create great opportunities for me to provide for myself as well as my family. Education wasn’t a priority for most of my family because it wasn’t something that was of interest to them. Not only that but they were also very much focused on providing for their household that it was

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