My Current Employer 's Organization Behavior

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The final paper for this class is an analysis on my current employer’s organization behavior. The organization has been around since 1887. The opportunity to fine-tune the process over the years has been handled well. They are in tune with the industry and make every attempt to be in tune with the employees. The culture of the organization, communication methods, management styles, motivational methods and technology advancements will all be briefly touched on in this assignment. Culture Culture can be defined in many ways. Over the years, the definition has been redefined and it has splintered into many facets. The culture of the organization that currently employees me can be defined as a “salad bowl” culture. The United States…show more content…
The breakdown is also evenly distributed among the upper levels of management as well. Our organization is adamant about making sure that sexual orientation is not an issue. We have many same sex couples who work within our organization and the company offers coverage to significant others as well. Communication in the organization Our industry is face paces and ever growing. It is forced to keep up with all current forms of communication in order to remain at the top of the industry. The vast majority of communication is channeled through emails, video conferencing, or telephones. Our organization utilizes both verbal and written communications that are very common forms of communication. However, it can encounter barriers that have to be addressed such as language, terminology, tone or even non-verbal communications through gestures or body motions that can be misconstrued. Stress is placed on planning communications before they are conveyed to ensure that the recipient will be able to decode the message that was intended. Miscommunication can lead to a host of issues include organizations being fined or losing revenues. In constructing written communication, the tone has to be measured because it can be construed as positive or negative. Planning has to be taken into consideration with written communication to ensure that the recipient is receiving the information correctly. Our organization evaluates the
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