My Dad : A Short Story

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Both of my parents worked arduously to be where they are now. I always talk about the struggles my mom went through when she came to America at the age of eighteen, but I do not always acknowledge the struggles my dad goes through still to this day and I greatly admire him for all the hard work he does for my family and I. Like my mom, my dad immigrated from India, but after about a year my parents got married. Once my dad arrived, he had to get used to the new environment and people right away. He had no help from his parents because they were in India, so he only had my mom to lean on.
My dad first started off with small jobs so he could learn America’s currency system. Back in India, he used to do computer marketing and at the time …show more content…

He probably spent so much more time studying than I do today. Not only did he have to worry about school and work, he also had my mom, siblings and me to take care of. He always did his best to spend time with us and keep us entertained.
After two years he graduated. We were all so happy at his graduation. I screamed as loud as I could when they called my dad’s name. Though he graduated, he still needed to take the NCLEX. He borrowed and bought many books to study from. It was crazy. He practiced thousands of problems. He had to pass in order to become a nurse. When the test was over, my dad really thought he failed. We were all nervous and worried, hoping for a passing grade. The results came out and my dad passed. Now he was a registered nurse.
He looked around for a job at different hospitals, but when an opening came at Crozer, he took the position. He was finally able to work as a nurse. Many hospitals wanted nurses with more education, therefore my dad planned to go back to school to get his BSN. This time he took an online course from Widener University, which was near Crozer. It was a quick program but it required a lot of writing. The topics were often random and did not relate anything to nursing. My dad struggled but tried to improve with each essay. Many times he had multiple essays to write each week. So whenever he came home from work, he spent his free time writing his

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