My Dog : I Love My Pet Dog

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Just like any normal sixth grader, I loved my pet dog. My dog’s name was, Blanco, (which is Spanish for “white”). I always knew that my dear canine companion would eventually pass away, but I couldn’t believe it when the day came. There was the experience of going outside only to see my dead friend, hearing what my family had to say, and the sympathy and empathy I received from peers and teachers at school. The one thing I learned from the experience itself, was that nothing lasts forever.

It was a Sunday, and I remember my family and I went to church, like usual. I remember after communion I prayed longer than anyone else in my family because we all knew Blanco was reaching the end of his life. Unlike a lot of other dogs that lived up to the age of thirteen, Blanco didn’t go blind or act much different at all. I remember asking God, “Just a little longer, please.”, over and over again, but I knew it would be any day now. After the service was over, we drove back home. Since it was Sunday, we were having family over. We usually always just meet up at my grandparents, but I’m almost certain that my parents offered to host this particular Sunday, for the very reason of my dog. My grandparents, aunt, uncle, and their two daughters showed up. I remember their son, my oldest cousin was somewhere out in the Bahamas for school, so he was out of the picture. It wasn’t long after they showed up that I went outside to see my dog, Blanco, lying in my backyard, not
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