My Dream Experience

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Have you ever been dreaming and then suddenly you jolt awake? In my personal experience, I have woken up like this multiple times. I’ll inform you about a few stories of how I have experienced this certain situation. It was a Wednesday afternoon in Anatomy class. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer a next thing I knew I was dreaming. I do not recommend falling asleep in school, there may be severe consequences. While I am dreaming I start to experience me falling in my dream. The next thing I do, is jolt awake and suddenly kick the table. Everyone in the classroom gives me one long look of shock and goes back to their work. After experiencing this jolt of sudden wakefulness during class, I decide to find out a little more about this. The first thing that appears on the World Wide Internet is the word “hypnic jerks.” The scientific word for hypnic jerk is hypnogogic state which is the changing time span between wakefulness and sleep. (Castro) Sometimes others in their dream experience falling and in my case I have experienced this numerous times. The brain misunderstands what is happening when you feel like you’re falling. (Osmond) The brain misunderstands when the muscles are relaxing to your body us falling. The brain then starts to panic and sends signals to your muscles to wake up and this causes the hypnogogic state. Whenever this occurs to me, I would be dreaming and then all of a sudden I would start to fall. Then, next thing I know my arm/leg will go sporadic

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