My Educational Diversity : The Reflection Of Educational Diversity

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Educational Diversity

All I see is the same color around me. Faces of familiarity pass and I feel safe. This was my mentality for most of my life. I am from a small, agricultural town in California called Santa Maria. My whole life is based on what this town has provided for me growing up. I want to say that it had done more for me, but truthfully, I can’t quite say it did. At my high school, there seemed to be a lack of quality. It only offered 9 AP classes and had a demographic of 97% Hispanic. Being difficult for those who wanted to go to college, and having little diversity it was harder to get into a university with an in accurate representation of the world. It is a huge problem that is also reflected in larger scale. My group of friends and I were some of the determined few who wanted to attend a four-year institution. My local community college was referred as ‘high school: part two’. This in my mind sounded awful and something I knew I did not want to be a part of. The road to college was to be tricky for me, and would do anything for the best possible chance.

To start my journey, I was involved in various organizations which I dedicated much of my time to. Key Club, Future Farmers of America, and AVID were what drove me to excel in my education. During my junior year of high school, I dreaded the stress I would endure of applying to colleges. The application process was like a marriage proposal. You work so hard to invest in a relationship and

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