My Experience At The Southside Animal Hospital Essay

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Our service learning project was a great way to increase our community service hours, but more importantly to teach us the value of community service. By giving back to the community, it helps us develop in so many different ways. Our trip to the Southside Animal Hospital was one of intense observation, enrichment, and one of great opportunity. We not only got to see procedures and processes up close, but we got to participate in them which was, even more, eye opening and beneficial. All the way from a butt holder during an eye and dental procedure, to an air bag squeezer, we all got to participate in various ways which not only allowed us to give back and help but it helped us see these necessary career skills and help develop our own. Even though none of us aspire to be veterinarians, it was beneficial in so many ways. It allowed us to open our minds to different career options and to gain perspective on a different field than our own. Although we are not going to be performing surgery on various animals, some of us are aspiring for the medical field and seeing that not only gives perspective into what their future careers will be like but also it allows them to gain insight into some of the similar situations they will encounter in the medical field. By observing different areas of the community, it helps develop our own career paths and understand how others in our community live and work.
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