My Experience Of English : English And English Language

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Understanding English I have never really paid attention to certain languages or how people talk, until last year in my senior english class. My English teacher's name was Ms.Gibbons, she was short with short brown hair, and skin as white as a ghost.Her classroom was at the very end of a long hallway, tables sit up in a U shape with chairs all around them,blueish carpet, white walls with english signs everywhere, one row of computers across from the 9 windows, a smart board at the front of the room, and also her brown desk at the front of the room. My class was going to start a new subject on dialect. One of the assignments were to take a test on the internet. The test had many different objects, animals, food, etc, I had to answer the question with whatever I called the object it showed. The results of the test guessed what state I were from based on what I called these objects. Odd how one little test can guess where you're living by the way you talk or call things. Different languages came to my attention by the way people call objects different things, people's accents, and the way people pronounce things.

My whole life I lived in Louisville, Kentucky. So, I never thought about how other people talk. The way we talk here in Louisville is normal to me. The dialect test gave me a new look on things. Do you ever see those little bugs that light up at night ? What do you call those bugs? I call them lightning bugs, but in other states no one would even know what that
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