My Experience Of My Life

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Hearing, “ You have now earned your wings,” was a proud moment for my sister, my mom, and I. I will tell you how this moment happened. I fell asleep somewhere around 1:30 a.m. It felt as if the instant I fell asleep I was woken back up. It was 3:30 a.m. and I had to get up and drive myself and my mom to the airport. I dazed off, and my eyes drifted shut as I drove the long, sleepy drive to St. Paul. I didn’t know what to expect going on a trip to Utah because I had only flown to Florida before. We took a shuttle to the airport from the parking ramp and I lead my mom through the airport to the plane. We flew into Houston, Texas for a layover flight. We missed our boarding for our flight so we had to sit in the Houston airport for about 3 …show more content…

It was just as hot without all the humidity, which was nice. Our shuttle finally arrived and we had to wait for more passengers. Of course the next thing that happened was that the passenger we had to wait for was a mom with her crying baby. We then drove to our hotel, in the packed shuttle bus, with the baby screaming in our ears, ugh! We got into our hotel and it was a nice place. We didn’t know of anything to do there so we just went out to the pool and sat there for a while. I got bored after awhile so I asked my mom if we could walk around. We were only a few blocks from the main street so, we headed off that way. One of the most amazing sights, was when I turned that corner onto main street all you can see is mountains, and the foothills behind it. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, looking straight down the street and seeing the vast green mountains towering over everything.I wanted to see some places we could possibly eat at, and since we had the time I also wanted to get as close to the mountains as I could get. So my mom and I took off walking towards the mountains. After about 20 minutes of walking my mom was getting sick of it and wanted to turn around. I was on a mission to keep getting closer so my mom stopped and sat down on a bench. I told her I was going to keep walking and I would meet her back there. I took off walking again, and I’m super glad that I did, because the SLC city hall

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