My Experience On American Life

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Learning other language is a wonderful thing that makes people know about other people who from different cultures. People interested to know other people who are not from their culture, so they stare learn their language. After that, they get a lot of different information about their culture and people can communication with different people. I interested to know about American life because when I was young, I watched movies about this culture and community, so I saw how they life is. Because that I want to know if it true or not. Therefore, I came to the U.S and I could not know about many things because I did not know English, which is the first language in the U.S. I decided to learn English and to know the truth about American life. After two years, I found out many things about American life. The table manners, is when someone eat food, are different in the U.S than my culture is. Moreover, community of America is amazing because they are friendly and respectful. In my experience of learning English, I found that American cultures are different from my culture because table manners and respectful.
The table manners are important in any culture and I have to know table manners of American culture because it is part of community and to respect other people. I learned English to know what these table manners are in the U.S. because in my culture, they share food and if I share my food, I am good person and I respect them. However, in the U.S, after I learned English I

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